Chelsea Har­rison, a senior financial man­agement major from Lowell, Mich., is the captain of the women’s bas­ketball team. She holds the school record for most 3‑pointers in a season and has led the 2011 Charger women to their current 3 – 3 record.

What is your greatest ath­letic accom­plishment?

I’d have to say coming in my freshman year and we won the GLIAC cham­pi­onship up at Michigan Tech[nological Uni­versity] in the UP. I’d say that was our greatest accom­plishment as a team. My sophomore year I broke the 3‑point school record with 83 threes in the school. I’m working on breaking the career record. Last year, I broke the 1,000-point record. I think I was the fourth player in school history as a junior to break that mark.

As team captain, what do you think is lead­ership?

Lead­ership is someone that sets an example for the others that are fol­lowing you, whether on the court or off the court. There are dif­ferent kinds of leaders. There’s ones that lead by example, there’s ones that like to talk. I think being a leader is setting an example for others to follow.

What brought you to Hillsdale?

Well, I knew I wanted to play a sport in college. I didn’t know whether it was bas­ketball or soccer. And so, in the summer, I went through AU tour­na­ments and I was con­tacted by Hillsdale College. I didn’t really know any­thing of [the school]. I knew my cousin went here and I was like ‘there’s no way I’m going to go to Hillsdale,’ but then the coaches con­tacted me. I came on a visit. It was beau­tiful here. I love small schools. It was the same size as my high school — 1,300. I came back for an official visit in Sep­tember and I sat in on a class. I loved the team, loved the coaches, loved the atmos­phere on campus. I fell in love, and so I signed a week later to play bas­ketball.

What has been the best part of college so far?

Since Hills­dale’s so small, you know a majority of the stu­dents. I just think that being in a small school you build rela­tion­ships that last after college. A good expe­rience is just building rela­tion­ships, and knowing those rela­tion­ships will last your whole life.

Where do you hope to go after Hillsdale?

I already got a job offer, and I already signed. I have that out of the way so I don’t have to worry about any­thing. I’m working in Grand Rapids at Amway for Dick DeVos and Stephen Van Andel. Steve was an alumni here. So I’m working there in their finance department area.

You guys trav­elled to Hawaii over Thanks­giving break. How was that?

The weather was awesome. We played Hawaii Pacific on Thursday and it was really neat beating the home team in Hawaii. The fol­lowing team we played on Friday — they were in the Elite Eight and we beat them. Hawaii was beau­tiful. We attended a Luau as a team. We had Thanks­giving dinner as a team. I think we bonded together really well.